Club of fans of breed of dog Cirneco dell’Etna - it is created for dialogue of owners, breeders, experts, hendlers, veterinary surgeons and other persons interested in breed.

We communicate and we discuss positive and negative qualities of breed, and also the questions connected with acquisition, the maintenance and cultivation of dogs.


1. The basic concepts – the unique project for search of acquaintances, friends and dialogue with them on a theme of breed of dog Cirneco favourite by us dell’Etna.

Our resource gives to each user registered on a site possibility of creation of a personal profile, to unite on interests and to participate in various groups, to conduct a blog, to place a photo - video- and a musical content, to discuss various themes at a forum - the project which will help you to learn more about breed of dog Cirneco dell’Etna, about people who surround you and divide your love to breed, and also to find the lost friends and to support with them communication. Communicating, you can limit a circle of persons to which it will be accessible.

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